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  • Fly eye aydınlatma sistemi
  • Floresan aydınlatmada Parazitlik önleyici sistem
  • Ni-E full motorize mikroskop seçeneği
  • Nikon DS-L3 kontrol ünitesi yoluyla internet üzerinden görüntü paylaşımı
  • Mikroskoba entegre fotoğraf çekim düğmesi
  • 12V100 Watt aydınlatma seçeneği
  • DIC uygulamaları için ideal model

Nikon's new Ni Series microscopes were developed to address the need for a microscope that is highly versatile, combining system expandability and superior optical performance in an easy-to-use system. The Ni-U can be configured in a multitude of ways depending on the requirements of the user. Its adaptability makes it suitable for many applications, from clinical examination to research, and features motorized accessories that include nosepiece, fluorescence attachment, and shutter.

Optical System CFI60 Infinity Optical System
  • 12V100W halogen lamp
  • Built-in fly-eye lens
  • Preset switch
  • Built-in NCB11/ND8/ND32 filters (in/out possible, detachable, one additional filter mountable) and diffuser (in/out not possible,non-detachable)
  • Transmitted light on/off switch, intensity control dial (Preset function provided)
  • NCB11/ND8/ND32 filter in/out switches
  • Image capture button
  • Simple remote control pad (option)
  • Manual coaxial coarse/fine focusing (Minimum fine reading: 1 μ m)
  • Focusing stroke (from focus point): upward 3 mm, downward 26 mm
  • Coarse: 7.8 mm/rotation, fine: 0.1 mm/rotation
Eyepiece Lens
  • Binocular tube, F.O.V. 22
  • Trinocular tube F, F.O.V. 22/25* (eyepiece/port: 100/0, 0/100)
  • Trinocular tube T, F.O.V. 22/25* (eyepiece/port: 100/0, 20/80, 0/100)
  • Ergonomic binocular tube, F.O.V. 22, inclination angle: 10-30, tube extension up to 40 mm (when DSC port is attached, eyepiece/port: 100/0, 50/50)
  • Quadrocular tilting tube, F.O.V. 22/25*, inclination angle: 15-35 (eyepiece/upper port/rear port: 100/0/0, 0/100/0, 0/0/100)
  • *When using layered epi-fluorescence cube turrets, F.O.V. is 22.
  • Standard arm,
  • Contact arm: For motorized control
Nosepiece Motorized septuple nosepiece, Motorized sextuple DIC nosepiece, Intelligent septuple nosepiece, Intelligent sextuple DIC nosepiece, Sextuple DIC nosepiece, Sextuple nosepiece with analyzer slot, Sextuple nosepiece
  • Stage with specimen holder for 2 slides (dry-film coated ),
  • Ceramic-coated stage with specimen holder for 1 slide,
  • Ceramic-coated stage without specimen holder (specimen holder for 2 slides or 1 slide can be attached) ,
  • Rotatable ceramic-coated stage with specimen holder for 2 slides (Centerable, rotation angle 202° )
  • Cross travel 78(X) x 54(Y) mm, with calibrations, stage handle height and torque adjustable
  • Two types: for rotatable stage and non-rotatable stage,
  • Attachable to focusing unit of microscope
  • Universal condenser dry, Abbe condenser NA 0.9, Achromat condenser NA 0.9, Darkfield condenser (oil or dry),
  • phase contrast condenser, Achromat/aplanat condenser NA 1.4, X LWD condenser, Slide achromat condenser
  • 2-100x, Achromat swing-out condenser 2-100x, Achromat swing-out condenser 1-100x, DIC condenser (oil),
Condenser Holder Equipped with condenser focusing knob and condenser centering screw, attachable to substage
Input Rating
  • 170 VA (Ni-U base only): With max. halogen lamp
  • 100 VA (Control box B only): With full range of motorized options attached
Weight (approx.) 20 kg (Ergonomic binocular tube, for brightfield observation